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Graco Fusion PC (ProConnect) Gun

Graco Fusion PC (ProConnect) Gun

Posted by Jeremy Slosek on Jan 18th 2020

What's the best spray foam gun?

We get asked this very question on a daily basis. What is the top spray foam gun? There's a lot of factors that play into the answer of that question along with personal preference. The Graco Fusion AP has been among the most popular and user friendly guns in the industry for the past 15 years. While the AP gun has been relied on for years, there's always room for improvement right? The release of the new Fusion ProConnect gun aim's at just that.

This new gun keeps all of the great features of the AP gun like it's great performance, pattern, and ergonomics while GREATLY reducing the amount of parts and labor required to perform a rebuild. Imagine a complete fluid section, factory quality, rebuild in minutes. The old days of soaking parts and the effort of scrubbing each part until spotless are gone. The new PC gun features a replacement cartridge head that replaces multiple individual parts with a single component.

With ProConnect technology in the Fusion PC gun (right), the entire fluid section including the side seals and all associated o-rings are replaced in a single cartridge compared to individual parts like the Fusion AP (left). This allows you to rebuild you gun like a pro and finish your job every time.


  • Crossover containment
    • The ProConnect replacement cartridge includes A & B check valves as well as an air-purge check valve to keep any crossovers contained inside the cartridge.
  • Factory quality rebuild
    • The replacement cartridge comes fully assembled and factory tested to ensure a factory quality rebuild each time reducing labor cost.
  • Ergonomic
    • Keeping the Fusion AP design guarantees that comfortable Fusion AP feel making it easy to spray all day long
  • Chrome-X coated mix chamber
    • The all new PC designed mix chamber is coated with Graco's tested Chrome-X coating with near diamond like hardness with 10 times the wear resistance over a standard chamber.

Where's the best place to buy a Fusion PC gun?

Here is a link to select your Fusion PC gun right here at Christian Fabrication or call us at 315-822-0095

Can I convert my current Fusion AP gun into a Fusion PC gun?

Yes! There is a conversion kit that allows you to use your current AP handle to save you money switching over to the new style ProConnect gun.

How long will each cartridge last?

The life of the cartridge will vary depending on many factors including cleanliness of the gun, materials being sprayed, temperatures, and other variables. Overall the lifespan will be similar to the Fusion AP. Testing so far shows lifespan over 20 sets of foam and as little as 5 or fewer sets.

Will accessories like pour tip & jet nozzle work with the PC?

Yes all AP accessories that screw onto the mix chamber will work

Can I soak my disposable cartridge in solvent?

No, there are non-chemical resistant seals in the cartridge

You may soak in TSL, ISO pump oil, or Mineral Spirits for later troubleshooting

May I rebuild my PC cartridge?

No, the Cartridge assembly is permanent so it can be small and lightweight & ensures a factory quality rebuild each time

Will installing the cartridge on the mix chamber multiple times damage my side seals?

No, the new mix chamber has a ram feature to push back and help eliminate damage to the side seals