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Start A Business

Looking to get into the spray foam industry? Christian Fabrication can help you along the way, starting with your spray foam rig. What we call “Trailers that work for a living.”

We build them, we supply them, and we fix them.

Our rigs are built with only the best products, to provide you wit h the best possible foundation for your company. Each Spray Foam Rig is custom-built, to fit the needs of the sprayer and the jobs it will be intended to do. Anyone in the business knows that production and efficiency = more profit. This is why every rig we build uses brands built to work. How do we know? Because it is the only equipment we are wiling to put into our own spray rigs.

Top Brands Built To Work

  • Rolair air compressors “Our sole focus is compressors—nothing else.”
  • Graco Equipment, “Proven quality. Leading technology.”
  • Christian Fabrication Custom SPF Equipment “Built by the sprayer, for the sprayer.”
  • IPM Pumps
  • Allegro Safety
  • Hankison Air Dryers
  • Johns Manville Corbond SPF


Each rig at Christian Fabrication is custom-built for the jobs it will be intended to do. From our one-of-a-kind portable unit and entry level rigs, to commercial fit rigs and box trucks, we’re sure to have the perfect fit for your applications.


With the extensive line of equipment we offer, getting started in the spray foam business may be easier than you think. Once we determine what types of applications you’ll be performing, we can then narrow down what equipment is right for you, and look at getting it put into a rig.


Just as important as choosing your rig will be the training you receive on your rig, the SPF industry, application, maintenance, and safety. We’ve sprayed it, we’ve fixed it, we’ve maintained it, and we sell it, so you’re sure to receive top-notch training and service with the purchase of your spray foam rig.