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About Us

Since the 90s, Christian Fabrication has become the leading fabricator in various industries throughout Central New York. After starting business serving hundreds of customers in the stock car racing industry, we have grown into the go-to professional for any type of steel or aluminum fabrication. To suit the needs of a quickly growing spray foam industry, we began building and modeling spray foam rigs. Focusing on dependability, we began building rigs suited for useful functionality. Having been in the spray foam business for several years, Jamie Christian (himself a spray polyurethane foam (SPF) sprayer) and his staff began building rigs the way they’re supposed to be built: reliably, well-equipped, and of course, user friendly. Not only do these rigs leave the shop with top-notch craftsmanship and equipment, but they’re built with the sprayer and SPF crew in mind. At Christian Fabrication, we stand behind our rigs, and all our manufacturers’ products, with the highest degree of customer service, and we offer “no question unanswered” tech support from our experienced technicians.

With certified spray foam installers, certified technicians, and certified building analysts, we at Christian Fabrication know the spray foam industry, we know the equipment, and we know the product. Because we’ve done it, we’ve used it, and we’ve installed it.