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Choosing Equipment

With the extensive line of equipment we offer, getting started in the spray foam business may be easier than you think. Once we determine what types of applications you’ll be performing, we can then narrow down what equipment is right for you, and look at getting it put into a rig.

There are a lot of variables that come into play when it comes time to choose what equipment to put in your rig. A few questions to ask yourself would be what type of jobs do you plan on bidding. (Commercial, Residential, New Construction, Existing and Remodels, High Rise, or Roofing) Do you have prior experience in the SPF industry or will this be your maiden voyage? Your answer will come down to choosing an electric or hydraulic Proportioner. We can supply you with the correct machine that you desire and require to be most efficient and increase profits.

After the Proportioner is chosen, it's time to line up the supporting equipment. Based on the power requirements and output of the machine we can determine what the requirements are for the generator and what options are left for other equipment like supply pumps, guns, and hose length.

For your convenience we've created a "Custom Rig Builder" so that you may browse through the equipment options and create your own rig for quote. If you would prefer to speak with one of our experienced staff members about your options, our contact information is located in the link listed below.