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Stripped-Down Fusion Guns

Stripped-Down Fusion Guns

Posted by Jeremy Slosek on Mar 30th 2019


Offer valid until June 30, 2019

Back by popular demand Graco is offering a stripped-down version of the Fusion AP and Fusion CS guns for contractors in need of a spare gun or replacement of one that's seen better days. The stripped down version allows you to purchase the gun only without all of the startup accessories to save you money.

Save $420 on a Fusion AP and $550 on a Fusion CS

This gun comes ONLY with an 01 mix chamber and does not come with the following items typically found in the complete gun package:

  • Hose fluid manifold
  • Tools: nut driver, clean out tools, pin vise, screw driver, grease gun/grease
  • Airline accessories: airline, airline coupler, ball valve, additional airline fitting
  • Accessories: gun flush manifold, fusion grease, gun covers, quick start guide
  • Fusion CS only items: CSL cartridge 6-pack, additional front cover, additional retainer cover

CLICK HERE to purchase a Stripped-Down Fusion AP

CLICK HERE to purchase a Stripped-Down Fusion CS